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Tomas Diafas — Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, Greece

Tomas Diafas is the founder of the Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival. This grassroots initiative aims to alter deeply entrenched misconceptions and prejudices toward the LGBTQ+ community through artistic and cultural practices. Here,…

Aritha Wickramasinghe — Equality Director at iProbono, Sri Lanka

Aritha Wickramasinghe is the Equality Director at iProbono, a globally focused civil society organization that provides legal aid to marginalized individuals and advocates for social equity. Born in Sri Lanka, Aritha earned…

Political Candidate Leads Attack at Rainbow Hub in Bulgaria

Note from Alturi: This piece serves as an update from an earlier profile, Lilly Dragoeva - Bilitis Foundation, Bulgaria. A follow-up to amplify the voices in Bulgaria is due to recent events…

Alvar ​​Ameljushenko — Tallinn Bearty, Estonia

Founded in 2015, Tallinn Bearty is the only festival of bear culture in the Baltic region. I spoke to Alvar ​​Ameljushenko, the co-founder and organizer of the festival, to learn more about…

Latest Global LGBTI News

ADDED ON: 12/12/2021

Does victorian morality hold India’s legality of same-sex marriage at bay?

As the legality of same-sex marriage gets approval in Latin America's Chile, the 31st such country in the world, the stand of a diverse country like India is still not clear as…


ADDED ON: 12/12/2021

Thousands urge Polish MP to kill horrific LGBT+ ‘promotion’ bill that would ban Pride

The bill has been pushed by the conservative Life and Family Foundation, which recently lobbied successfully for a restriction on abortion rights. It was introduced as a citizen’s legislative initiative, which can…


ADDED ON: 12/12/2021

Tunisia: LGBT activist’s assault seen as a pattern by police

A prominent LGBTQ activist in Tunisia has reported that two men, one dressed in police uniform, threw him to the ground, beat and kicked him during an assault they said was punishment…


ADDED ON: 12/12/2021

How dismantling Roe v Wade could imperil other ‘core, basic human rights’

Constitutional scholars in the US said a litany of rights, from same-sex marriage and sex to birth control and in vitro fertilization, could come into question if the country’s highest court moves…



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