ADDED ON: 05/01/2018

11 Things to Know about Scott Lively, the Anti-Gay Pastor Challenging Charlie Baker

04/30/2018 | Boston Magazine

The notorious homophobe has the blessing of the MassGOP to face Governor Baker in a primary. Scott Lively is not going to be the governor. You know it. He knows it. And the delegates at the MassGOP Convention, who helped him move on to a primary battle with Charlie Baker, likely know it too. But that hasn’t stopped the pastor and world-renowned homophobe from going through the motions this year, giving him plenty of opportunities to rail against the “gay agenda” on a major political stage. For this you can thank the 2018 MassGOP Convention, where nearly 28 percent of delegates in Worcester this weekend endorsed Lively, helping him clear the 15 percent minimum needed to tee up a primary challenge against Charlie Baker.


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