ADDED ON: 05/28/2018

88 Gay Men’s Deaths Tied to Hate Crimes in Sydney with Many Still Unsolved

05/28/2018 | Gay Star News

The homicides of at least 30 gay men killed in hate crimes remain unsolved decades after they happened in Sydney, Australia. Police in New South Wales (NSW) – the state of which Sydney is capital – have uncovered at least 88 suspected hate crime murders of gay men between the 1970s and 2000. One of the most well known cases was the murder of American student Scott Johnson. An unknown person or group murdered Johnson at a popular gay beat in 1988. But police at the time ruled it as suicide. His family fought for years for the cause of death to be changed, and last year celebrated a NSW Coroner’s ruling that Johnson was in fact murdered in a homophobic hate crime.


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