ADDED ON: 04/28/2018

Alice Weidel: German Court Sides with AfD Leader in Facebook Suit

04/27/2018 | Deutsche Welle

A court in Hamburg ruled in favor of Alice Weidel, a senior politician of the far-right AfD party, who sued Facebook over an insulting comment published by a user on their platform. The comment clearly violated the politician’s rights, the judge said on Friday. In September, a user identified as Sanda G. left a German-language comment on Weidel under a Facebook post linking to a Huffington Post article. The article was reporting on an alleged statement by Weidel — herself a lesbian — against gay marriage in Germany. The Facebook user dubbed Weidel a “Nazi” in a vulgar comment and also insulted her over her sexual orientation. According to Weidel’s lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel, Facebook refused to remove the comment even after other users reported it. It was only hidden from view when Weidel herself contacted the platform in January.


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