ADDED ON: 06/24/2018

Being Lesbian in India

06/24/2018 | Times of India

June is the month of Gay Pride parades and celebrations. It’s also the month when two women killed themselves in Gujarat because society wouldn’t let them be together. Sunday Times finds out why ‘lesbian’ is a dirty word in India. ‘Kyare malishu, have kyare malishu, aavta janmare have pacha malishu’ (When will we meet, when will we meet again, we will unite in the next birth). With these last words scrawled on a polystyrene plate with red lipstick, Asha Thakor and Bhavna Thakor jumped into the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad earlier this month. Also among the bodies found the next day was Asha’s three-year-old daughter.


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