ADDED ON: 05/15/2018

China: Security Guards Assault Women Attending LGBT Event

05/14/2018 | The Guardian

Video of security guards punching and knocking down two Chinese women attending an LGBT gathering in Beijing has caused outrage among China’s LGBT community and its supporters. On Sunday, two women wearing rainbow badges were blocked from entering Beijing’s 798 art district, according to witness accounts posted online. Videos showed police punching and knocking down one woman, after which another woman attempts to hit a guard before she is also punched and knocked down.  An LGBT activist had been handing out rainbow badges to mark the International Day Against Homophobia when security guards employed by the district told the organiser to stop and barred those wearing the badges from entering. The organiser, who only gave an online alias, Piaoquanjun, told Chinese state media Global Times that the two women had been hospitalised.


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