ADDED ON: 05/18/2018

China’s LGBT Community Treads Cautiously Amid Intolerance

05/17/2018 | Channel News Asia

China’s LGBT advocates cautiously organised awareness-raising events across the country to celebrate International Anti-Homophobia Day on Thursday amid concern of growing intolerance towards LGBT causes. One of the events was a 5.17 km run to raise awareness and celebrate the May 17 anniversary of the day in 1990 when the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from a list of diseases.  But organizers told participants to run on their own and not en masse. An organizer of the runs held in Beijing, Liu Yifu, told Reuters that they did not dare to stage any mass events in the capital this year for fear that proceedings might be interrupted by the authorities. Many event organizers and volunteers spoken to by Reuters said they had to be wary. Large gatherings and protests without approval are technically illegal in China.


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