ADDED ON: 05/09/2018

‘Gender Illumination’ Lights Thai LGBTI Diversity

05/09/2018 | Khaosod

Lipstick, high heels, Barbie dolls, cabaret costumes and a letter approving a transgender man to wear pants to an exam are among the Thai LGBT artifacts to be show at a museum. Gender Illumination goes beyond binary gender to question definitions of male and female by featuring photographs, drawings, paintings, talks and installations along the LGBT spectrum. Personal belongings of more than 100 LGBT community members will be labeled with the story behind them. They include those from cross-dressing icon Toffie Tood Zom Com (Toffie is IT Support), “Insects in the Backyard” director Tanwarin Sukkaphisit and actor Rusameekae Fagerlund.


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