ADDED ON: 05/07/2018

In the First Election In Nine Years, Lebanese LGBTI Rights Are Being Addressed

05/06/2018 | NewNowNext Logo

For the first time, Lebanon political officials are addressing—and fighting for—LGBT rights in the country. As CNN writes, elections are being held for the first time in nine years to determine Lebanon’s next group of elected officials. And for the first time in history, the rights of queer people are being directly addressed. Nearly 100 Lebanese officials are advocating for LGBT rights, making it the most high-level endorsement of protection for the community in the Arab world. Despite the danger, activists are also doing their share to ensure that the voices of LGBT people are heard. Among the most visible has been Ameen Rhayem, whose work advocating for LGBT people in the region has him facing up to a year in jail for violating Lebanon’s Article 534, which makes it illegal for “simply loving another man.”


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