ADDED ON: 06/11/2018

Irish Prison Service Slammed Over Failures to Publish Policy to Protect At-Risk LGBT Prisoners

06/11/2018 | Dublin Live

The Irish Prison Service has been slammed over its failure to publish a policy to protect at-risk LGBT prisoners from bullying and potentially violence. The Out On The Inside report commissioned by the Irish Penal Reform Trust found the IPS needed to consider and address the needs of LGBT prisoners. The threat of violence was greatest in male prisons and single cell occupancy was recommended as “particularly necessary for LGBT prisoners”. Researchers found there were no policies at that time specific to LGBT prisoners – with transgender people the most at risk. Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Deirdre Malone, the executive director of the IPRT, said: “We made a number of evidence-based recommendations ensuring the human rights of LGBT people would be protected.


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