ADDED ON: 02/20/2018

LGBT ‘Taskforce’ in Indonesian City Adds to Fears of Gay Rights Crackdown

02/20/2018 | The Telegraph

The Indonesian city of Depok has announced it will set up a “taskforce” to curb the activities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, raising fears of a fresh crackdown on sexual minorities in the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Muhammad Idris, deputy mayor of Depok, a satellite city of the capital, Jakarta, announced the plan on Monday, specifying that the 200-strong force, including police officers, social service workers and religious leaders, would “anticipate the spread of LGBT” among young people. The move comes amid a nationwide crackdown on sexual minorities and increasing reports of the harassment of members of the LGBT community, including a high profile raid last October on a “gay spa” in Jakarta, during which 51 men were arrested.


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