ADDED ON: 05/26/2018

Rainbow Flags and High Heels: S. Korea Holds Debut Drag Parade

05/26/2018 | Yahoo! News

South Korea held its first ever drag parade this weekend, a small but significant step for rights activists in a country that remains deeply conservative when it comes to gender and sexuality. Dozens of drag queens and kings marched through Itaewon on Saturday, a suburb of Seoul best known for its nightlife and a nascent but vibrant gay scene. Carrying rainbow flags, they cheered and strutted their best outfits, receiving shouts of support and the odd baffled look from those they passed. While homosexuality is not illegal in South Korea, same-sex marriage is not recognised and people cannot legally change their birth gender. The country is home to a large evangelical Christian community and LGBT people feel pervasive pressure to to stay closeted.


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