ADDED ON: 04/21/2021

Raúl Castro speaks about LGBTQ rights during Communist Party congress

04/20/2021 | Washington Blade

aúl Castro in his report to the eighth congress of Cuba’s Communist Party (PCC) that began last Friday and will end on April 19 in Havana referred to the rights of LGBTI+ people, gender-based violence and discrimination based on skin color. “It continues to support the work of the Federation of Cuban Women and other institutions in the defense of women’s rights and the denunciation of gender-based violence. The confrontation with prejudices associated with sexual orientation and gender identity will deepen,” said the Cuban leader. He also mentioned the process of drafting and discussing the Family Code, the law that must finally resolve whether LGBTI+ couples will have the right to marriage. “In compliance with the constitutional mandate, the Council of State approved the commission that will come up with the draft of the Family Code for its analysis in Parliament and subsequent discussion with the population, an activity that is already being worked on,” he said.


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