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For Fatima Rizvi, based in Mumbai, the memories of the day her daughter came out to her about her sexuality are still fresh. “It was exactly a year ago,” she recalls. “We were in a rickshaw, when Fiza said to me, ‘Ammi, I want to speak to you’. She told me she was lesbian. I was shell-shocked. And I cried. Fiza then told me ‘Ammi, you must understand’.” Today, Fatima couldn’t be more proud of the fact that her 25-year-old daughter is living a free life. “Coming to terms with the reality was difficult, but no faith teaches us to reject our own children. I decided to do my research. I attended pride parades with Fiza, and I visit LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) support groups in Mumbai, where parents come together to support their children. Today, I am so proud of Fiza,” says Fatima.

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