ADDED ON: 06/22/2018

This Matchmaker is Helping India’s LGBT Community Find Love

06/21/2018 | Teal Mango

Matchmakers — both official and not —- have long been a part of South Asian life. But Urvi Shah is perhaps the only one that specializes in fixing up members of India’s LGBT community. Shah officially opened the Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau in 2015. She recently told NBC Newsthat her goal was to find her clients “a compatible partner, husband, wife or best friend forever.”  The 24-year-old Shah, who is straight, said she came up with the idea for her business while in grad school when she worked with a project focused on helping transgender people find employment. “I met a group of homosexuals over 30 years of age who wanted to settle down but were unable to find like-minded partners,” she recalled to NBC News.


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