ADDED ON: 02/20/2018

Tonga: LGBTI Youth Shelter Devastated by Cyclone Gita

02/19/2018 | Gay Star News

The Category Five Cyclone Gita which tore through the South Pacific island of Tonga was like having ‘an Airbus land on your front lawn’. One of the most powerful cyclones to hit Tonga, it has caused thousands of dollars in damage, including wiping out the national parliament. Experts estimate it could take years to rebuild the damaged properties. Henry ‘Aho is the president of Tonga Leitis Association (TLA). The TLA represents the lives of sexual and gender diverse people, especially those facing hardship. It has also spearheaded the island’s response to HIV among men who have sex men and transgender women. The TLA also runs a drop-in centre and shelter for LGBT youth rejected by their families and communities.


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