ADDED ON: 05/16/2018

Violent Far-Right Nationalists Attack LGBT Event in Kyiv, Police Fail to Intervene

05/15/2018 | Pink News

Far-right nationalists have attacked an LGBT event in Kyiv, Ukraine. The meeting in the Ukrainian capital had been organised by human rights campaigners from Amnesty International, in order to bring together LGBT activists from across the region. The event, titled The Offensive Against LGBTI Rights as a Form of Censorship: The Russian Experience, was due to be held at a privately-hired venue, Underhub, on May 10. Representatives from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and KyivPride were set to attend as speakers. However, Amnesty says that more than 20 far-right group members arrived and threatened the participants with violence in order to force the cancellation of the event. Shockingly, five officers from Pechersk District Police who attended the scene allegedly refused to intervene to protect the LGBT activists, while one of the venue’s owners also ordered the LGBT activists to cancel the event and vacate the premises.


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