The Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice is a multi-gendered, multi-racial, multi-identity organization that prioritizes and supports the leadership of women, transgender people, youth, and people of color.

For the past 37 years, they have provided critical strategic resources to LGBTI social justice organizations around the world, granting $22.5 million in more than 3,500 grants to over 1,400 groups in 85 countries. Their on‐the‐ground connections and partnerships with grantee partners gives them a deep understanding of the support needed to make grassroots change happen. Astraea is often one of the first funders to support an LGBTI organization because they prioritize support for the sectors of the movement that have the least access to financial resources but are best poised to make lasting social change, including nascent and emerging groups.

Movement building means ensuring that activists fighting to dismantle oppression have the resources and relationships they need to make lasting change. Beyond grantmaking, they are committed to building capacity within LGBTI communities to strengthen the skills and collaborations of those working for social justice. Astraea also advocates within the philanthropic community to direct resources to the issues and communities they support. Lastly, they believe that media and communications are radical tools for social change. Their CommsLabs program brings together activists and technologists in Africa, Asia and Latin America to strengthen LGBTI human rights advocacy.

Astraea works for racial, economic, social, and gender justice, because we all deserve to live our lives freely, without fear, and with dignity. Only through action will we build a world of peace and justice for LGBTI folks and for society as a whole.