ADDED ON: 06/16/2018

Record Number of LGBT Candidates Seeking Office in 2018

06/15/2018 | The Hill

More than 400 LGBTQ candidates are running for public office in the United States in 2018, more than ever before in an election cycle, according to data from the Victory Institute. The group, which identifies and trains prospective LGBTQ candidates, revealed that the candidates are also mostly Democrats. At present, 559 LGBTQ elected officials hold positions across the country, according to the Institute’s 2018 “Out for America” report. That number is a jump from the 448 LGBTQ elected officials that held positions in the previous year. However, the Institute said in the report that Americans need to elect 22,827 more LGBTQ people to public office to achieve “equitable representation” in the nearly 520,000 elected positions it estimates are in the U.S.


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