ADDED ON: 06/22/2018

South African Court Says that Religion is Not a Defense for Homophobic Hate Speech

06/21/2018 | Pink News

A South African court has ruled against a pastor who tried to justify anti-gay hate speech with his religious beliefs. Prominent pastor Oscar Bougardt was recently found in contempt of court for making anti-gay comments on social media by South Africa’s Equality Court.  Bougardt had originally reached a settlement with the Commission in 2014 and stated that he would stop making hateful comments about LGBT people. However, according to News 24, the pastor continued, even at one point advocating for the criminalization of homosexuality in South Africa, saying that the country should “deal with them like they do in Nigeria.” The South African Human Rights Commission began a complaint against the pastor in 2013 following a series of allegedly anti-gay comments he had made against lesbian and gay people on social media and via email.


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