ADDED ON: 05/07/2018

There’s A New Mayor In Town – Texas Town Says YES To Gay Air Force Veteran

05/06/2018 | Instinct

Some are reporting the news out of Del Rio Texas this morning as Gay Candidate Known for Wearing High Heels Wins Mayor’s Race in Texas. Yes, that will get us reading. It’s catchy as well as informative, but there’s more to Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano. In a solid win, Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano, 35, captured 62 percent of the vote, defeating incumbent Robert Garza. As you can see the numbers were not high, for Del Rio is a city of only around 40,000 located 150 miles west of San Antonio, and it was a May election. But this is still a BIG WIN, for Ralphy as well as the Texas LGBT community. And Texas is full of towns this size that, if more of them go this way, we may see the state becoming more blue with every election.


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