ADDED ON: 03/21/2018

Young Scots Author Creates Positive LGBT Role Model for Youths in Fantasy Novel

03/21/2018 | Daily Record

When Sophie Cameron was growing up in a small Highland village, teachers were forbidden by the notorious Section 28 from portraying homosexuality as normal. Now 30 and living in Barcelona with her wife, Sophie looks back in disgust at the legislation which, until 2000, banned the “promotion” of homosexuality in schools as a “normal family relationship”. She was raised in Avoch, a harbour village on the south-east coast of the Black Isle and had a happy childhood.  “I didn’t know any openly gay people and, because Section 28 was still in place, when a teacher mentioned homosexuality, they would stop and say they weren’t really allowed to talk about it. “There was a lot of homophobic bullying and, ‘You’re a poof’ was a go-to insult, especially with boys.”


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